CH 361-A       Horses and Sleigh

The Carousels make wonderful ornaments.  On #18 mesh, they finish up 4” high & 3” around.  They are also painted on #13 mesh and are 5” high & 4” around.

CH-361-B     Children Caroling

CH-361-C     Downhill Bunnies

CH-361-D     Teddy Bear Holiday

CH-361-E     Zoo Train

CH-361-F     Pooh & Friends

CH-361-G     Quiet Jungle

CH-361-H     Holy Night

CH-361-I     Noah’s Ark

CH-361-J     Nutcrackers

CH-361-K     Toy Soldiers

CH-361-L     Angels On High

CH-361-M     Christmas Eve

CH-361-N     Holiday Snowmen

CH-361-O     Merry Mice

CH-361-R     My First